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The Candle Never Lies, a poem by Glen Monks

The Candle Never Lies ( inspired by the practice of (Trataka)

Soul Food coverAs you stare into the candlelit flame, absorb its luminosity
For like your true self, it too has neither substance nor form
As you gaze beyond even your sense of sight
See from wisdom, not merely shared knowledge

And if the golden ribbon before you wavers
Accept this as the delicacy of your life
For life rides precariously on the back of the breath
And like the candle, its wick is bound by time

As the flame regains stability, harmonise yourself alike
Welcome its laser-like qualities as they reach out towards you
Invite them into your heart to ignite the candle of compassion
Now close your eyes and look within

Here you will see more than you have ever seen
Indulge yourself, as you bathe in this luminous state
But rejoice not, for such light casts neither shadow nor emotion
Instead be a torch of inspiration; share your glow with those you meet                                                                              For this state is your true self; it is both limitless and imperishable

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Not Alone, a poem by Glen Monks

Not Alone

Cover picture of 'Polarities of Love'

Cover picture of ‘Polarities of Love’

The things I never got to say
Seemed trivial and innocent yesterday
But echoes from the past I find
Now hover densely in my mind

Magical moments with me stay
And leave me never, so I pray
Your eyes, your kiss, the way you smile
I carry with me all the while

Missed opportunities, words unsaid
When insignificance ruled my head
And now you’re gone, no longer there
An empty space with you I share

I contemplate a loveless life
The pain of which cuts like a knife
I discovered love when I found you
Without which who knows what to do

And on my cheek a tear appears
To dampen down and calm my fears
I loved here on this earthly plane
So celebrate, no need for blame

For in my heart God found a home
So comforting I’m not alone

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Undisturbed, a poem by Glen Monks


With the financial wheels of the world dry of grease
The land being raped, man rife with disease
I sit here observing as mind follows breath
A world full of panic, destruction and death

Cover image of poetry collection, Welcome Home

Cover image of ‘Welcome Home’

As thoughts start to wander
Encompassed by grief
This world which I live
Horror disbelief

Shall I stay in my shell, protected alone
Or step onto the earth
Where nothing can grow?
Answers to questions
Where will I find
In a world gone mad
Getting worse with time?

I think for the moment I’ll stay in this place
Rather than join the stampede
Of the Human Rat Race
Anything else
Seems absurd…                                                                                                                                            For that which I am, can not be disturbed

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