Not Alone, a poem by Glen Monks

Not Alone

Cover picture of 'Polarities of Love'

Cover picture of ‘Polarities of Love’

The things I never got to say
Seemed trivial and innocent yesterday
But echoes from the past I find
Now hover densely in my mind

Magical moments with me stay
And leave me never, so I pray
Your eyes, your kiss, the way you smile
I carry with me all the while

Missed opportunities, words unsaid
When insignificance ruled my head
And now you’re gone, no longer there
An empty space with you I share

I contemplate a loveless life
The pain of which cuts like a knife
I discovered love when I found you
Without which who knows what to do

And on my cheek a tear appears
To dampen down and calm my fears
I loved here on this earthly plane
So celebrate, no need for blame

For in my heart God found a home
So comforting I’m not alone

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