The Candle Never Lies, a poem by Glen Monks

The Candle Never Lies ( inspired by the practice of (Trataka)

Soul Food coverAs you stare into the candlelit flame, absorb its luminosity
For like your true self, it too has neither substance nor form
As you gaze beyond even your sense of sight
See from wisdom, not merely shared knowledge

And if the golden ribbon before you wavers
Accept this as the delicacy of your life
For life rides precariously on the back of the breath
And like the candle, its wick is bound by time

As the flame regains stability, harmonise yourself alike
Welcome its laser-like qualities as they reach out towards you
Invite them into your heart to ignite the candle of compassion
Now close your eyes and look within

Here you will see more than you have ever seen
Indulge yourself, as you bathe in this luminous state
But rejoice not, for such light casts neither shadow nor emotion
Instead be a torch of inspiration; share your glow with those you meet                                                                              For this state is your true self; it is both limitless and imperishable

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