Undisturbed, a poem by Glen Monks


With the financial wheels of the world dry of grease
The land being raped, man rife with disease
I sit here observing as mind follows breath
A world full of panic, destruction and death

Cover image of poetry collection, Welcome Home

Cover image of ‘Welcome Home’

As thoughts start to wander
Encompassed by grief
This world which I live
Horror disbelief

Shall I stay in my shell, protected alone
Or step onto the earth
Where nothing can grow?
Answers to questions
Where will I find
In a world gone mad
Getting worse with time?

I think for the moment I’ll stay in this place
Rather than join the stampede
Of the Human Rat Race
Anything else
Seems absurd…                                                                                                                                            For that which I am, can not be disturbed

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