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A Cleaner South India


A Cleaner South India

At a first glance, you could be mistaken that the people of Kerala are carless when it comes to environmental matters. Visit most cities, towns or small villages and you will be appalled at the amount of litter you see. However, this is not down to ignorance; you cannot be ignorant about something you are not aware of. Traditionally, in the kitchen, clay pots, banana leaves and bamboo were used. This meant they could be discarded onto the land without concern. Of course these natural materials biodegrade over time and present no pollution to the environmental. The problem nowadays, is that the same mindset is being followed but the materials have changed.

As India develops, the use of plastic is increasing; but this is not being balanced by education and resources for recycling. The Government may have taken a stance on such issues, by banning the manufacture of plastic bags in Kerela, but without education their message falls on deaf ears.

What to do?

In matters of religion and how to treat others, India far supersedes its western neighbours. But, as India competes in the global marketplace, many ancient traditions are being lost. Also, education with regards to global warming and protecting the environment is sadly being overlooked. For this problem to be solved India must better educate its youth, because they are the messengers of tomorrow. Sadly the common youth looks to the westerner and aspires to be more like him.

There is hope however. Thanks to Yoga and Ayurveda some of India’s ancient wisdom is being celebrated and preserved. Westerners are visiting India in their droves, in the hope that they can learn some of India’s secrets. They know, all to well, the side effects of progress and how this affects the body mind. But such visitors must bring with them a give rather than gain mindset; how can they contribute to a better India? The results of such mindset will greatly impact the India of tomorrow.

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