Ayuurveda Yoga VillaAfter a lifetime of soul searching, I become a qualified yoga teacher. Nowadays, I mostly find peace whenever I am writing. Having been invited to leave school earlier than most, perhaps explains my broad outlook on life and somewhat unconventional writing style. However, what I never picked up from the blackboard I later learned on my travels around the world. Here, my black and white vision became a pallet of colour, exploding with enthusiasm and creativity. The topics I write about generally cover personal and business development and nearly always come with an unexpected twist.

Developing numerous business ideas from embryo to demise and later overcoming a chronic health condition, I have the battle scars to back up the topics I discuss.

I am passionate about getting my message across simple and concise, in layman’s terms, without the jargon. I write direct to my reader’s needs and understand them with compassion. My desire is to free others from a lack of knowing, and this liberates me immensely.

I believe that sharing information with others provides us with more space to learn and grow as individuals. When writing, I adhere to my favorite quote: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which need not be done”. This, I find, keeps my writing style direct and to the point.

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