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The Doncapolitan network not only inspires local, young artists to be more proactive in their quest for achievement…

Happy Home art class

Art is a universal language, one which opens the mind and soul alike. It is the foundation for self-expression, inspiring fresh ideas in all areas of life. Indeed, art is a bridge from the mundane into the infinite.

Thanks to a local charity, rather aptly named, ‘The Wheel of Hope’ this message is being broadcast much further-a-field than just Doncaster.

The Wheel of Hope Charitable Trust is the adopted charity of Doncaster Minster. Their work stretches across South India, supporting and educating 250 children that were born into dysfunctional families. The charity focuses on ensuring that each child’s creative potential is realised through music, dance and art. The expression on the children’s faces is the reward local volunteers receive for giving their time to raise funds for such activities.

The chairman and trustees are proud supporters of Doncopolitan and encourage the borough to learn more about their wonderful charity, and get involved in any way the see fit.

David Calvert Orange at Happy Home

Chairman David Calvert Orange at Happy Home

“Our children come from broken families; many of them need protecting from drunken and abusive fathers. We provide a day school facility called ‘Happy Home’ which is right in the heart of a poor fishing village, not far from the rich tourist beach of Kovalam. Here we deliver valuable tuition, ensuring each child reaches their full academic potential. Instilling confidence in this way empowers them to get involved with more creative activities such as singing, dancing and painting. They learn about artistic greats such as Monet, Turner and Van Gough as they create a more colourful world; regularly the children put on shows for their mothers. At Happy Home, the children can leave their woes behind as they play, learn and grow”.


Due to the popularity of Indian traditions such as yoga and meditation, David and Pamela, who run the charity, believe that now is the perfect time to visit South India. They invite anyone interested in visiting Happy Home, and the incredible sights and experiences that India has to offer, to get in touch.

Glen Monks at Happy Home

“Our Visitors have a life changing experience through what we term as ‘Poverty Tourism.’ No one can fail to be grateful for the life they lead after seeing the tragic lives of our children and the conditions in which they live. We provide a modern guest house for all visitors and give trips to local temples and places of historic and cultural interest. All visitor fees go towards the running and upkeep of Happy Home”.



Through the arts and sharing love, the human spirit is elevated in ways unrivalled by theory alone. If you yearn to grow beyond your individual needy self, or perhaps expand and share your creativity with others then contact the Wheel of Hope Charitable Trust.

Tel: 01302 77113


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