IMG_7433BI first  began yoga in 2000 whilst visiting Australia where I practiced regular under my teacher. Upon my return to the UK, my interest in yoga became so strong that I decided to study with the Life Skills Centre in London. Since then, I have visited India many times to attend various yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic seminars.
However, I believe with yoga the learning never stops.

Comprehensive Training List:                                                                                                              

Life Coach Certification
Yoga Alliance Teacher Qualification
Pranahuti Meditation Mentoring
Spiritual Coach Certification Certification
Ayurvedic Massage Certification
Indian Head msge Qualification
Yoga Therapy Training
Shambala  Healing Certification

Influential Teachers
Makunda Styles
Packchock Remposhe
Tias Little
Dr Marda ( Puna India)
Psunita Passi
Chockyi Nyima Remposhe
Rameshi Balseka Mumbai
Gomde Bhudhist Centre- Lindholme Hall

Recent Training 2012 and 2013
Swami Anasakti: Mudras
Swami Sivadhara: Ajapa Japa
Philip Xerri: Pranayama
Julie Friedeberger: Breath of Life
Swami Gyan Dharma: Cultivating a Positive Mind
Philip Xeri: Pranayama and the Chakras