A trained mind speaks only truth, to avoid the deafening sound of deceit.

You may think the truth is a simple concept, but it is not a concept at all – it just ‘is’. Authenticity is the raft which navigates us towards shores of peace. It is a natural law that offers the same liberation described by the Buddha. Each of us has the capacity to be liberated, from that which binds us, but taking ownership and doing the work can be another story.

The Authentic Man/Woman

To have character is a great human trait, but to build sound character we need the cement of authenticity. With the depth of universal consciousness, truth has the power to transform our fictitious self – often referred to as ego. On the stage of life, we have played many roles, to either get what we want or avoid confrontation. Such strategies form a map of who we think we are in relation to the world. Over time, this forms a belief system that directs our actions. The problem lays if the roles we play become gatekeepers to authenticity and we begin to kid ourselves. The authentic person, however, goes beyond a divided mind knowing it the worst company possible. With no need for smoke and mirrors, they stand rooted like a tree.

The Common Man/Woman,

Reputations, expectations and needs are mostly created by the fictitious self and ‘bind us’. Most of life’s pressure is therefore self-induced and unless we communicate true intention, problems can arise. Rarely does the common man own his own shit. Instead, he blames his shortcomings on circumstance and of course others. He talks of progress and accumulating of ‘things’, in ways to validate himself. Often used to gain leverage or create separation, such tactics blind his listeners from the truth. During conversations, his ego interjects in ways that change the flow. Twisting and turning, cunning as a fox, he claws his way out of the moment. Avoiding truth has become an art form, driving the ego further into the psyche where it begins to believe itself. The travesty is that such an ego is driven to an un-liberated grave.

The Big Fat Lie

The Common man, remains concealed in the big fat lie. Modern society contributes vastly to this delusion. It seems much of life’s moments are swallowed up by the urgency of progress. But, just like the fictitious self, progress often operates outside of truth.


The reason authenticity is so underrepresented today is perhaps because of the ‘powers that be’. Mass manipulation of the media and legal system underpins our societies. Corporations, lawyers, and barristers make fine dining by ‘re-presenting’ truth. This type of manipulation keeps the common man under control. The evolved man, however, knows natural laws require no intervention. Once this becomes accepted, the roles, we identified with, drop away and we move into being. Here, ‘controllers’ have less impact and we see beyond life’s trappings.

Liberating the ego is not easy for the commoner whom, deep-down, fears himself. Instead, his energy is spent on pleasing others. This is perhaps why the authentic man is not always the popular man. Truth is like poetry; it takes a long time to compile and few like to hear it. No one relishes suffering, but to expose the ego can cause suffering. This is a truth which the common man dare not approach. The phrase ‘to suffer’ in a court of law means ‘to give consent’. Such a term, like many used in common law, is used to manipulate common people. When the commoner says, ‘I suffered a loss’ he confirms his weakness to the court. He literally gives consent to being beaten down, he is beneath the loss. No such loss beats the authentic man, for awareness is his trusted sword.


Awareness deflects mental anguish because it reveals truth. No one can judge another until they look in the mirror and remove the makeup that conceals their soul. Finding such a standpoint on life, is our Dharma, our purpose. To have empathy and compassion for those unable to face the mirror then becomes the work. Such light-workers enter life wearing armour, galvanized by authenticity.


Presence is Rarely Noticed.

Our authentic self sits beneath the judgments and opinions we form. But, the fulfilment of space eludes most conversations. Why, because truth surfaces in the gaps between our words. Untold truths bring up sensations in the body that demand action and we will do anything to avoid them. So, we fill the gaps with our story. The basic law of nature is vibration, without resonance vibration, would not exist. When we question another’s intention, it is said we do not resonate with them – they are not on our wavelength. But, rarely do we allow others to simply be, without being pulled into their drama.

Notice, do you ever feel impatient during a conversation, perhaps this is your truth wanting to be heard? Can you embrace the quiet periods and allow others to simply be? Do you attentively listen to others and welcome what comes up for you? Such transparency is a rare quality these days.

Does this article ring true?

I wrote this article, knowing that the common man/woman may shun its message. But knowing the authentic man/woman, seeking release from within, will resonate with its truth. Through self-study, and aligning with authenticity, we shed those character traits that have held us back… The clown takes off its makeup and reveals liberation.

If this article resonates with you in some way, then feel free to share it with others.