The Holy Trinity of Contentment

And a roadmap towards community cohesion, this holy trinity needs to be explored and up-regulated to meet the emotional, physical and psychological demands of our time.


Our biology is nature. Yet we have become like machines, very programmable with separate parts that wear out and have a ‘shelf life’. Contrary to this, the life experience is multidimensional, biology is never stagnant. As we evolve so does our world, the biological connection we have with nature has the capacity to change our physical and mental wellbeing. When our Biology is balanced, we resonate from a higher frequency and attract high frequency people and things. You are part of nature, a biological power house, never forget this…


Psychologically you are a chemical factory. Neuro-pathways and synopsis are wired and rewired by certain stimuli, be it positive or negative. Your brain chemistry requires the right stimuli for you to feel good. We create this momentary, in the way we interact with the world. The first relationship begins with self-acceptance. Then we expand our deep inner connection outwardly. Here, our awareness broadens and the world responds accordingly. How you open to others greatly impacts every cell in your body. Become an alchemist of fine brain chemistry…


Socially we have been hunters of self-gain, or safety seekers, from that which threatens our existence or status. But when we own and celebrate our indifference, we expand beyond this. The need to dominate or feel dominated ceases. Here we connect with a deeper existence, we learn to accept the actions and opinions of others as if they were just as human we are…

Our interaction with others is equal to how we feel about the world we live in. When you pacify others, by agreeing with them instead of speaking your truth, your integrity gets diluted. Integrity fuels the soul. If your word is not your bond, you will begin to judge others and subconsciously build a world of insecurity around yourself. When, opportunities are overlooked, out of fear or limiting beliefs, your cells contract, you become smaller. This creates social dissonance and negatively impacts both the Bio and Psycho markers previously mentioned. Dare to explore and grow relationships.

Many inner and outer journeys are required to ensure this ‘Holy Trinity’ maintains vibrancy. Community cohesion begins with self-discovery.