Meditate by all means but don’t lose sight of the world you live in

om frogI wrote this article to help dispel the darkness of winter and make men shine from the inside. Winter brings both wet and cold, which often breeds viruses and bugs and as the nights lag so can our energy. This means our immunity gets stretched, and we could all do with that little bit of extra support.

Ayurveda says, Kapha dosha dominates, which is governed by the elements earth and water, this of course makes mud! With low levels of vitamin D both our mind and body have the tendency to take on such heavy, and sluggish characteristic. Without the correct approach, we can soon become as dull as nature outdoors and this plays havoc with our relationships.

Vata is also heightened during winter, which is governed by air, there is a tendency for the respiratory tract, digestion and the bodies largest organ for detoxification, the skin, to take on a dry nature. This can lead to a chain reaction of challenges for our stability.

Initially, we may notice a dryness to our skin as it loses its lustre, but on the inside such lack of moisture can cause a host of digestive related issues which compromises optimum health.

When the intestinal skin becomes dry, the villi which assist in the absorption of nutrients, cannot perform their task as efficiently. The result is partly undigested food, which is a feeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. The villi and mucosa of your small intestine are the basis of life, so we must nurture them at all costs.

Embrace the Stillness

Ayurveda teaches us to embrace opposites, and we must work hard at times to notice them.

There can be a quality about the stillness of winter, when we awaken to it as a hibernation period. Despite not being able to draw energy from the sun, the pull of winter can indeed nurture us. The drawing in of the senses, which yoga often calls upon, seems to be easier during this time. Warm unctuous food and nights in by the fireside can help to balance the dampness of winter once we embrace this notion. This is a time for reflection, a time of planning and preparation. The harvest of spring and the long summer nights, which seem hard to imagine, will soon be upon us.

Winter Fuel

It is said, that summer bodies are built in winter and agni, the digestive fire, functions at its best now. It is the time we better process fats and proteins, so, for those that take meat and eggs, perhaps now is the season to do so. Broths and soups are good, providing the body with the essential building blocks to maintain a strong stature and combat cold. Hearty